About Us

Parks and Recreation Mission Statement

The mission of the York Parks and Recreation Department (YPRD) is to promote health and wellness of families and the community in all of its diversity.  The Parks division is responsible for the operations and maintenance of public buildings and grounds, parks, beaches, recreation facilities and all athletic fields.   The Recreation division offers a wide variety of comprehensive community enrichment programs, popular camps and tremendously successful and well attended events for participants of all ages.  Collectively, we are committed to building a vibrant community and our citizens of tomorrow.

Parks and Recreation Board Mission Statement

The mission of the Parks and Recreation Board is to advise the Department (PRD) and its Director on current and future PRD programs and activities, to be a liaison between the citizens and agencies of the Town of York and the PRD in all matters pertaining to parks and recreation programs, and in cooperation with other town institutions to promote health and wellness within the Town.

This mission will be achieved through pursuit of a number of specific objectives. Thus, the Parks and Recreation Board and its members are committed:

1. To support the activities and programs of the PRD

2. To advise the Director on issues that may require discussion prior to proposed substantive changes in PRD policy

3. To assist the PRD and its Director with programming , visioning and long-range planning

4. To represent the interests of the York community with the PRD

5. To promote citizen volunteerism for the benefit of the town and the PRD

6. To be accessible as a point of contact for individual community members relative to the PRD, its programs and operations

7. To advocate on behalf of the PRD within the town as deemed advisable by the Board and/or the Director

8. To foster a network of town committees and organizations in support of the PRD

9. To support and promote the interests of the PRD with other relevant agencies of the town

10. To promote partnerships with relevant private institutions in town

11. To assist in fund-raising activities on behalf of the PRD

These mission-based objectives of the Parks and Recreation Board are to be reviewed on an annual basis.