Community Center

The Town of York has a year-round population of roughly 13,998 and occupies approximately 55 square miles of land. In November 2022, the Town of York approved a new Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan serves as a usable “blueprint” for the future growth and development of the town. One of the needs identified in the plan is a Community Center feasibility study. Currently, the Parks and Recreation Department is housed at the Grant House in Goodrich Park. It manages a wide range of outdoor facilities.  All indoor activities take place in shared school facilities as well as the Center for Active Living.

A copy of the Comprehensive Plan can be found at:

The Town has created an ad-hoc committee to solicit proposals for the feasibility study and work with firms to carry out the feasibility process.  This committee is made of representatives from the Selectboard, Town Managers Office, Parks and Recreation Board, Parks and Recreation Department, Public Schools, Center for Active Living, Planning Department and the Public Library.

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Community Center Needs Assessment Committee

Needs Assessment Report 2017

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