Parks, Playgrounds and Places

Parks Mission

The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the operations and maintenance of public buildings and grounds, parks, beaches, recreation facilities and school and municipal athletic fields. York has an expansive parks system that extends from the summit park and conservation lands at Mount Agamenticus to the iconic Nubble Lighthouse.  A bustling tourist community during the summer months our beaches are visited by thousands of visitors each year and we work hard to maintain a safe and pristine natural environment.

Consisting of mostly seasonal staff, our employees are highly visible during the summer months. Our parks crews, custodians and lifeguards are all here to serve the public and set high standards for the care of our parks and beaches.  Likewise we encourage you to treat our public properties with the respect they deserve. The health and well being of these natural resources is of upmost importance and our goal is to protect them for generations to come.

Recreation Mission

The goal of the Parks and Recreation Department is to promote a healthy community and to enrich the lives of York residents by providing safe, welcoming Parks and Recreation programs at an affordable price. Our program is community based and serves people of all ages and abilities by offering physical, social, educational, and creative activities that promote quality of life, self esteem, confidence and fun.

We share an excellent relationship with the York School Department and use their facilities for the majority of our programming. We also enjoy a very unique community partnership with York Hospital. They are a strong advocate for Parks and Recreation and their contribution helps to insure that our programs remain accessible to all residents

Most importantly our program is built around parents and community volunteers who give their time to develop our young athletes into the Wildcats of the future. They are the backbone of our recreation program and the reason we are able to positively impact the youth of our community.

We are committed to building community and our citizens of tomorrow through Parks and Recreation.


Short Sands Beach / Ellis Park

Ellis Park and Short Sands Beach is owned by the Town of York and managed by a private Board of trustees known as the Ellis Park Committee. While the Committee has oversight of the park the Town has a shared responsibility to manage and maintain park facilities.

Working cooperatively, the goal of the Town and Park Trustees is to make the park the very best it can be for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike. For additional information or to offer suggestions please call the Parks and recreation Department at 207-363-1040 or email

Restroom Facilities

The Park has a new, modern restroom facility which opened in June of 2014. The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for managing the facility which is open from May 1st through Columbus Day weekend. The schedule and hours of operation are as follows;

May 1st through June 15th, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

June 16th through September 15th, 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

September 16th through October 15th, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Schedule may be extended, weather permitting


York Beach Ball Field
Railroad Avenue/Church Street
York Beach, ME  03910

Located at the entrance to the York Beach square area, from Ridge Road, the York Beach Ball Field has a baseball/softball field and large grassy area toward the Church Street end of the field.  Permit Parking surrounds this field with metered parking along Railroad Avenue and across the street, at an adjacent parking lot.  Home to annual crafts fairs and other annual events, this field boasts two fenced dugouts, raised spectator benches and a powered concession stand with refrigerator.

PARKING: Meters – adjacent

Open Parking and Permit Parking – as posted

  • Permit Parking Sticker is a resident sticker that can be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Office (207) 363-1003
  • Permits are valid from May 15th through October 15th annually.
  • A sticker costs $35.00 or $15.00 for Senior Citizens aged 65 and over.
  • Permit Parking Ordinance

AMENITIES: Portalet available spring through fall

Trash receptacles

Concession stand with refrigerator

Restaurants, take-out food, shopping and markets within walking distance.

MAINTAINED BY:York Parks and Recreation (207) 363-1040


York Little League – Smith Ball Field
Ridge Road
York, ME  03909

Smith Ball Field is a York Little League field located just off Ridge Road near York Beach.  The field is home to York’s Little League baseball teams and has two covered dugouts, a powered concession stand and practice pitching enclosure.  The field has a large, lighted dirt parking area.


AMENITIES: Portalets at the pleasure of York Little League

Trash receptacles at the pleasure of York Little League

Concession stand with refrigerator

MAINTAINED BY: York Little League


11 Sohier Park Road
York Beach, ME  03910

Sohier Park is the gateway to the famous Nubble Lighthouse, the most photographed lighthouse in the world.  Sightseeing, picnics, scuba diving, and fishing are some of the things enjoyed in the park.  Benches around the park provide a place for sightseers to relax and enjoy the views.  A Welcome Center houses public restrooms and a newly expanded and renovated gift shop.  Sales at the gift shop support the upkeep of Sohier Park as well as the Nubble Lighthouse.  Parking in the park is free and allows for tour bus and trolley visits as well.


AMENITIES: Public restrooms open daily from first weekend in May through Columbus Day

Granite benches

Grassy park for play, sunning, or picnics

Scuba Diving (ordinance)


Restaurant and take-out nearby

Trash receptacles

Seasonal gift shop

MAINTAINED BY:York Parks and Recreation (207) 363-1040


200 US Route 1
York, ME  03909

Constructed on the bank of the York River, Goodrich Park, home of the Grant House, was donated to the Town of York by Mary Marvin Breckinridge Patterson, and is home to York Parks and Recreation Department’s offices.  This scenic location allows for picnics and passive recreation along the York River.  The public is welcome to enjoy the picnic table and grounds.  Some small Town committee meetings are held inside the River Room at the Grant House.  There is a large gravel driveway for parking, and a rough trail runs along the river behind the house.


HOURS: Office is open Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

AMENITIES: Picnic table

Short trail

Public Restrooms when offices are open

Boat launch opposite barn on York River Bridge, Route 1

MAINTAINED BY: York Parks and Recreation (207) 363-1040


York Street, Route 1A
York Harbor, ME  03911

Moulton Park is nestled just beyond York Village in York Harbor, this small neighborhood park is neighbor to St. George’s Episcopal Church and just across from York’s Art Association.  The park was donated by Gilman L. Moulton.  Home to years of “Art in the Park’ and Firemen’s Field Day events, this park has a large grassy area, many impressive specimen of trees, and a bench to rest on.  Parking is limited.



Grassy park with trees and shade

Nearby gallery

MAINTAINED BY: York Parks and Recreation (207) 363-1040


York Street, Route 1A
York Harbor, ME  03911

Also known as Hartley Mason Park, this large 4-acre seaside park sets above York Harbor Beach and allows breathtaking views of the ocean and York Harbor Beach.  Hartley W. Mason donated this land to the Town of York and the park was opened to the public in 1993.  The park is located directly across from the York Harbor Inn and is the backdrop for many weddings.  Benches are nestled throughout the grounds and allow for visitors to enjoy the views and shady trees.  The park is overseen by the Hartley Mason Board of Trustees.

PARKING: Posted 2-Hour Parking along Route 1A/York Street


Scenic Fishermen’s Walk to York Harbor Beach

Walking distance to Public Restrooms at York Harbor Beach

Directly across from Pub/Restaurant/Inn

May be reserved for weddings – call Jeffrey McConnell, Hartley Mason Reserve Trustee (207-363-5494) for details and costs.

RESERVATIONS: Contact Jeffrey McConnell or 207-363-5494

OVERSEERS: Hartley Mason Board of Trustees

MAINTAINED BY: York Parks and Recreation (207) 363-1040


Fishermen’s Walk is two miles of walking along the water’s edge, beginning at Sewall’s Bridge the walk travels through York Harbor and ends just past the Reading Room by Milbury Lane.  Historically it was known as “Riverside Path” and “Shore Path” and winds along the shore with many historic points of interest.  Parking at Route 103 and Harbor Beach is Permit Parking. Fisherman’s Walk: Sewall’s Bridge to Harbor Beach. Cliff Walk: Harbor Beach to Milbury Lane.

PARKING: Route 103 – Permit Parking Harbor Beach – Permit Parking

AMENITIES: Trash receptacle at Route 103 and Harbor Beach

MAINTAINED BY: Fisherman’s Walk: Department of Public Works (207) 363-1010, Cliff Walk: Parks and Recreation Department (207) 363-1040



Harris Island Road
York Harbor, ME  03911

Town Docks 1 and 2 are set in beautifully picturesque York Harbor.  Just as you turn from Route 103 to Harris Island Road, Town Dock 1 is straight ahead and to the left.  If you follow Harris Island Road to the right, Town Dock 2 is on your left by York Harbor Marina.  The Harbormaster’s shed is located at Town Dock 2.

PARKING: Restricted – Commercial Fishermen parking – 2 marked 15 minute parking spaces

Traffic Safety Ordinance

AMENITIES: Trash receptacle

Portalet at Town Dock 1

MAINTAINED BY: York Harbor Board (207) 363-1004 and York Police Department (207) 363-4444


21 Mount Agamenticus
York, ME  03909

Featuring thousands of acres of unfragmented forest and 40 miles of trail, Mt Agamenticus provides vital opportunities for conservation and recreation.  Standing at 692 feet, it offers breath-taking panoramic views of distant mountain ranges, inland ponds, and the seacoast area. Popular activities include hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, cross country skiing and picnicking. Trail head parking is located at the bottom of the access road, or you can drive to and park at the summit.  Once at the summit you will find observation decks, picnic tables, the Learning Lodge, and access to a network of nature trails.  More detailed information about Mount Agamenticus and a trail map can be found here: Mount Agamenticus has a carry-in, carry-out policy and no trash receptacles are available.

PARKING: Free – Summit, base and at some trail heads

HOURS: Dawn to Dusk

AMENITIES: Trail maps

Picnic tables

Learning Lodge open weekends, 11:00am – 3:00pm, Memorial Day to Columbus Day weekend

Portalets at summit and base


Bog Road
York, ME 03909

Tucked away just the other side of I-95 are the Bog Road Fields and Benjamin Park Playground.  This park is home to two multipurpose athletic fields, a Little League baseball field and a playground aimed at 3-12 year olds.  A large gravel driveway and parking area is shared between the playground and fields.  A fully powered concession stand is on site with a refrigerator inside.  Currently under construction, a new multipurpose field and additional parking is planned for fall 2014.


AMENITIES: Baseball Field

Two multipurpose fields – (three in 2014)

Picnic Tables


Portalets from spring to fall

MAINTAINED BY: York Parks and Recreation (207) 363-1040


Harris Island Road
York Harbor, ME  03911

Located between Town Dock 1 and Town Dock 2 on Harris Island Road, off Route 103, you’ll find Strawberry Island.  Kayak enthusiasts and owners of non motorized boats, launch and land their at this picturesque location.

PARKING: Restricted – Commercial Fishermen parking – 2 marked 15 minute parking spaces

Traffic Safety Ordinance

AMENITIES: Kayak and non motorized boat launch

MAINTAINED BY: York Harbor Board (207) 363-1004


Scotland Bridge Road
York, ME  03909

On Scotland Bridge Road nearest the intersection with Route 91 you’ll find the Scotland Bridge boat launch.  This is a gravel, public launch area next to the Scotland Bridge that sits at the upper end of the York River.  This launch is used by small non motorized and motorized boat owners.  The launch is free to use however boaters should consider the tides when using this launch.

PARKING: Limited


MAINTAINED BY: Department of Public Works (207) 363-1010


Route 1 Rices Bridge
York, ME  03909

Rices Bridge Boat Ramp is situated off the Route 1 York River Bridge almost directly across from the Grant House/Goodrich Park.  This ramp is a paved, public launch area next to the bridge on the northern end of the northbound side.  This launch is used by small non motorized and motorized boat owners.  The launch is free to use however boaters should consider the tides when using this launch.  There is limited parking available along Route 1.

PARKING: Free – limited


Trash Receptacle – York Parks and Recreation Department

MAINTAINED BY: State of Maine Department of Transportation


1 Robert Stevens Drive
York, ME 03909

Just off Long Sands Beach, York High School is located between Long Sands Road and Webber Road.  This school has 5 tennis courts, a skate park, a cross country course, regulation baseball field, softball field, football field, rubberized track, and 3 multipurpose fields.  The tennis courts and track are used by the public when there are no school events.  Spectator bleaches are located at each of the fields and there are two concession stands on site.  There is paved parking surrounding the school facility and a dirt drive and parking area with limited parking is located near the track and football field area.

AMENITIES: Tennis Courts

Skateboard park

Cross Country Course

2 Concession Stands


Baseball Field

Softball Field

Football Field


3 Multipurpose Fields

Portalets from spring through fall


GROUNDS – York Parks and Recreation (207)363-1040 and

FACILITY – York School Department – York High School (207)363-3621


30 Organug Road
York, ME 03909

Located just off York Street on Organug Road, the York Middle School hosts a small playground, outdoor basketball hoops and a large multipurpose athletic field.  The school has a large paved parking lot with spaces in front and in back of the school as well.  The York Middle School gym is nearer the parking area for the school and hosts many athletic leagues and other events.

AMENITIES: Small Playground

Outdoor Basketball Hoops

Large Multipurpose athletic field


Portalets from spring through fall


GROUNDS – York Parks and Recreation (207)363-1040 and

FACILITY – York School Department – York Middle School (207)363-4214


1 Coastal Ridge Drive
York, ME  03909

Coastal Ridge Elementary School is located toward the York Village portion of Ridge Road, just before it turns into Long Sands Road.  The school has 2 playgrounds with wood chip base.  One playground is to the side and the other to the rear of the school.  There is also a quarter mile stone dust walking track, 3 small outdoor basketball hoops, a tetherball area, t-ball field and a small multipurpose field.  The school has a large paved parking lot with spaces in front of the school and behind the gym.  The gym is located at the back of the school and sits close to the parking lots.

AMENITIES: 2 Playgrounds

1/4 Mile Stone dust Track

Outdoor Basketball Hoops


T-Ball field

Small Multipurpose Field

Portalet from spring through fall


GROUNDS – York Parks and Recreation (207)363-1040 and

FACILITY – York School Department – Coastal Ridge School (207)363-1800


124 York Street
York, ME 03909

York Village Elementary School is located on a hill off York Street.  Two playgrounds are located here; one in front and one in back, both with wood chip base.  Up the hill and behind the school you’ll find a regulation baseball field, softball field and multipurpose field.  Just beside the upper playground and to the rear of the school lies a small field area.  There is a concession stand with power and refrigerator located at this field.  Paved parking areas are located nearest the school entrance, behind the school, as well as just off the field and playground areas.  The gym is located just inside the entrance and to the right.

AMENITIES: 2 Playgrounds

Baseball Field

Softball Field

Concession Stand

Multipurpose Field

Small Field

Portalets from spring through fall


GROUNDS – York Parks and Recreation (207)363-1040 and

FACILITY – York School Department – Village Elementary School (207)363-4870