Senior Center – FAQs

Senior Center FAQ’s

Where is the York Senior Center?

We are located at 36 Main Street in York Beach. Our parking and main entrance are in the back of the building.

When are you open?

Year round, Monday – Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm

How do I know what’s going on at York Senior Center?

Get the scoop in THE SCOOP, that’s our monthly newsletter and program guide

Am I eligible for Membership?

If you are over the age of 50, you sure are.

How much does Membership cost?

The resident fee is $15.00 per person, the non-resident fee is $22.00 per person.

Can I become a member anytime?

Yes. Our membership year runs from July 1st through June 30th but we welcome new and returning members all year.

Do I have to be a resident to be a member?

No, we welcome non-residents

Do I have to be a Member to participate in Senior Center programs?

In most cases, no, however there are some Programs, that have enrollment restrictions which require us to make them available to members only. Additionally and in some cases, registration fees are slightly higher for non-members.

Do I have to be enrolled in a program to stop by the Senior Center?

No! Our members and guests are welcome anytime. Stop by to say hi, meet a friend, enjoy a cup of coffee and some conversation, borrow a book , play a game, work on a puzzle.

Are your programs limited?

Some programs are limited in size, we recommend registering early for programs that you do not want to miss out on.

How do I register for a program?

You can register in person, by phone and beginning in the spring of 2014 you will have the option of registering online through the Rec1 program (add link here)

Do I have to register for your programs if I want to participate?

Some programs require pre-registration but there are some that are designed to be drop-in style, if a pre-registration is required, it will be indicated in the program writ-up in the SCOOP.

How do I know what you are serving for lunch?

Our menu is published monthly (add link here)

Do I have to make a reservation if I want to join you for lunch?

Yes, reservations can be made up until 4:00pm the day before you wish to join us.

If I want to join you for lunch, what time should I be there?

Whereas we have one serving at 12:00noon, we ask that our members and guests arrive and be seated no later than 11:45am.

Do you deliver meals?

We do not have a delivery service however our meals can be ordered to go for pick-up.

I heard that I had to bring my own silverware to lunch, is that true?

No, our meals are served complete with plates and silverware.

Do you have a transportation program?

Currently our transportation is limited to our members for rides to and from the Senior Center only, based on availability.

If I register for a trip, is the deposit refundable?

Most deposits are refundable up until an advertised deadline date. After that, deposits are non- refundable.

Is trip Insurance available?

Our day trips do not have trip insurance available. Most of our longer, overnight trips have a reasonably priced insurance option for participants